To achieve goals of digital transformation, organisations are called to review their funding structure and free up budget to support the speed and flexibility required on the digital journey.

At DFC our sole focus is on saving our clients’ money on their IT operational costs and freeing up budget in order to invest in priority initiatives.

We have a Wealth of IT and Business experience in forecasting savings using our bespoke analytic tools, with a focus on economic sustainability, we apply our unique approach to improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the entire service lifecycle.

Let us help you in taking the first step on the journey of transforming your IT Operations!

We are RELIABLE, we do what we say!

We are CAPABLE to successfully transform your operations!

We CARE about the sustainability of your business and people!

About US

With Information Technology and business Experience across industry verticals, our directors are all top performing Strategic Executives with expertise in formulating and implementing plans that support any organisation’s short to long-term strategies. Boasting close to nine decades of professional experience, they are well versed in analysing core customer operations in order to ensure maximised revenues, negotiating contracts and SLA’s ensuring fulfilment of contractual obligations by all stakeholders


Delivering results at our risk


Aligned to Industry Trends


We do the work for you